Our Mission:

  • To extend the mission of the Ramsey Historical Association by stimulating interest in and appreciation for Ramsey's past including its rich history as a farming community
  • To educate the community on the importance of eating locally grown foods
  • To provide opportunity for local residents and businesses to conveniently obtain and sell high quality locally grown and artisan produced natural products in a welcoming and informative setting
  • To support the mission of the Ramsey Community Wellness Campaign
  • To encourage cooperation and participation with community organizations

We envision a community in which people are buying and eating fresh, local food, where local farmers are supported and thriving, where schools, community institutions, and restaurants serve local food, where other farmers markets in our region share a mission of promoting and celebrating the values of eating locally.

We believe that local foods nourish the community and support the local economy. We believe in sustainable practices, those that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We give preference and priority to vendors that sell products they make or grow or are sourced from local producers.

We encourage the use of biodegradable/sustainable products at our market, our events, and our promotions.

We recycle and minimize waste.

The Ramsey Farmers Market promotes a smoke free environment event.

Established January 2010 by the Ramsey Historical Association in coordination with the Borough of Ramsey, N.J.